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(951) 276-3225

16007 Jordana Cir Riverside, California   925035991 , USA

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General Info:

find dental equipment for your dental practice. we have dental laser, dental x ray units, dental intraoral camera, dental lasers by hoya conbio, dental ultrasonic cleaners, dental electrosurgery units, curing lights, ultrasonic scalers, piezo scalers, implant surgical motors,dental x rays, and mobile dental x ray machines.

Products & Services:

  • Dental Laser
  • Dental Intraoral Cameras
  • Dental Lasers By Hoya Conbio
  • Mobile Dental X Ray Units
  • Dental X Ray Film Processors
  • Dental X Ray Units
  • Digital X Ray Sensors
  • Dental Xray Units
  • Dental X-ray Units
  • Dental X Rays
  • Dental X Ray Machines
  • Dental Equipment Online
  • Electrosurgery Units
  • Electrosurg
  • Endo Micro Motors
  • Implant Motors
  • Amalgamators
  • Dental Curing Lights
  • Curing Lights
  • Bleaching Lights
  • Plasma Curing Lights
  • Micro Motors
  • Ultrasonic Scalers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Piezo Scalers
  • Dental Handpieces

Web Site Results

Dental Implant Motor Systems, Dental Equipment, Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
, Dental Ultrasonic Scalers,DentalCuring lights, Dental Intraoral Cameras, Endodontic Electric Handpieces,Dental Amalgamators,Soft Tissue Dental Lasers, Plasma arc curing & Bleaching... of Dental Equipment, Dental X Ray Units,Dental Curing Lights,Dental Autoclaves,& Dental Mobile Cabinets even the most popular styles . We still offer a great selection of dental supplies... Dental Carbide Burs Diamond Burs Dental Composites And Bonding Intraoral X-Ray Film X-Ray Film Mounts Dental Implant Motors Dental Curing Lights Electrosurgery units Dental Equipment...

Company Profile:

Contact: 951-276-3225
Address: 16007 Jordana Cir
Riverside, California   925035991 , USA
Url: http://www.lionsdentalsupply.com/
Fax: 951-781-7513
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Ownership: Minority owned
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